Uomo Più Italia owes its current dynamism to a family history rooted deep in the past.

The firm is committed to working with integrity and dedication; this commitment has been passed down through the generations from Bianco Bianconi to his son Enrico, and grandson Luca. It was Bianco who first created a family business in 1985 by exploiting his experience in tailoring.

The priority of the company's management has always been to maintain the highest standard of craftsmanship, by using qualified personnel and ensuring constant attention to detail through every step of the process while keeping a close eye on fashion trends

The desire to provide the highest standards has led Uomo Più Italia to focus on a highly professional approach that is always looking for new ways to push back the boundaries of quality.

Today the company is strongly geared towards an international market and produces hundreds of items per day: men’s suits, jackets, coats and trousers produced completely on our own production cycle.

Uomo Più Italia offers its clients an integrated service with the creation of a prototype and pattern, as well as samples following approval.

Uomo Più Italia prides itself on developing a close relationship with its clients, as well as being flexible enough to find a customised solution to any requirement.